Elna Grasshopper wanted

So you were right – this is indeed the entirely predictable follow-up to the last post, and this one too is mainly for the benefit of Google.  Having said that, though, I’m always interested to hear of any vintage Elna that’s for sale, as well as any associated bits and bobs, manuals, spares, whatever.

The good news is that having got this post out the way, we can now move on to more sensible stuff.  Admittedly I still need to take some pictures before we can do that, but it might even happen tomorrow.

We shall see …


Elna Grasshopper for sale

And that is a misleading post title, because I don’t actually have an Elna Grasshopper for sale right now.  Or any other vintage Elna, come to that.  Might have a Grasshopper or two before long, but don’t have one right now.

Nope, the post title is intended to catch the eye, so to speak, of Google’s bots, and to allow me to draw your attention to a page I’ve just added, the title of which reveals a stunning lack of original thought.

It’s called “For Sale and Wanted”.

Guess what the next post’s going to be …