A blog by Sid, a retired bloke who lives with his wife and chickens in England. He likes Elna Grasshoppers, so he has a collection of them.

All pictures are copyright © Sid.  Please don’t steal them.


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  1. I just bought the cutest little sewing machine I have ever seen. It is an Elna W55. I have one problem. No manual for it. Could you help me? Thank you..Sue

  2. Hi Sid, Thanks for sharing on your blog. Very informative. I’ve been searching on what sort of oil (and petrol) to use to lubricate my Grasshopper (1/52)
    Do you know of an oiling diagram that I can fish up from somewhere?
    I was hunting through an op-shop here in New Zealand and found what I thought was a slide projector and lo and behold it was a beautifull Elna!! Took it home, plugged it in and ‘zap’ motor shorted out due to sulphur corosion (I live in the central North Island).
    Slightly miffed (understatement) I went back to the op-shop and blow me down!! I couldn’t believe my luck! A second machine Identical exept for a slightly lighter green case and a little more worn than my first one!! And to top it all off the second one had a speed reducer too!!
    I was over the moon as you might expect. Now I am the proud owner of a wonderfull little (working) machine.
    I would however like to replace the chord with an original fabric one and a bacalite plug if I can find one.

    • Hi Harm

      Gosh, lucky or what? Whatever, I’ll scan the lube chart from an English-language instruction book and put it on the blog tonight, so check back on Thursday afternoon (your time).


  3. Hi Sid, I have a grasshopper that is missing the black disk (metal plate) any idea where I can find one?

  4. Have my mothers Elna #1. I learned to use it before I could walk. When she had to wash the stairs she put me in front of the machine, sewing holes in paper. Then she was sure I wouldn’t run away. It is still as good as 60 years ago. I just used it to repair my bag – that is only 32 years old. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4228355633919&set=a.1068190951777.2012444.1436162672

    Love my Elna #1 – it can sew where no modern machine can go.

  5. Hello Sid,
    I’m so sorry to muck up your comments section, but I could not figure out how to contact you privately. An ebay seller has lifted pictures from your former blog, and is using them in his ad. The item number is 161088359266. I would have reported it to ebay myself, but I am only allowed to report the infringement of my property rights, not those of others. Best, Sheila

    • Cheers Sheila. The interweb is indeed a wonderful thing, but it’s just about destroyed the application of copyright. I know from experience that if I were to contact the miscreant, she would simply plead ignorance of the concept. Alas, it’s simply not worth pursuing. Life’s too short …

      • Hi Sid, Ebay takes copyright infringement seriously. If you were to contact Ebay, not the seller, they would remove the ad if the seller did not remove the pictures. I’ve seen it happen once before and Ebay was very prompt about it. It took me a while to find the “report item” link — it is on the right, above the description. Then there is a series of drop-down boxes to locate the intellectual property option. I think it is called a “VeRO” issue. All the best, Sheila

  6. Hi Sid…I’ve been reading up on Grasshoppers…I think I need one, mostly because they are very cute. I can shed a bit of light on power cords. I live in Switzerland, with a Swiss electrician brother in law, father in law and grandfather-in-law. Swiss household electricity is the weirdest I have ever seen in my life. Old houses, like mine, will have multiple systems because the laws changed over the years. They never took anything out, they just put the new system in. In Switzerland, at least, you can still easily find the female plug that fits in a Grasshopper. The male end needs to fit the socket in your own country. (Don’t get me started on Swiss wall plugs…) The female end of a Grasshoper is an “old style Cold Appliance plug”. Vorläufer des Kaltgerätesteckers
    All modern plugs need to be grounded/earthed in Switzerland. The old style (Elna,etc.) pins do not have a ground…but will fit in a new style female plug. The German description says this is “similar to an IEC-60320 C9/C10 plug, except with a ground/earth.” Current price is Switzerland, 2016, circa 20€. (exact measurements in German below.) You might need to go to a specialized (Swiss?) Electrical store to find one. Thanks for all the great info, Bess C.

    Es handelt sich um die zweipolige Version für flache Kontaktstifte mit aussenliegenden Erdungsfahnen, die für die meisten in den Geräten integrierten Einbaustecker passt. Kupplung, schwarz m. Knickschutztülle.
    Abmessungen: Vorderer, einzusteckender Kupplungsteil ca. 16,5 x 24mm. Kontaktabstand (Mitte-Mitte) ca. 10mm. Die Kontaktstifte des Gerätes dürfen jeweils maximal eine Breite von ca. 5mm und eine Dicke von ca. 1,5mm aufweisen. Ähnlich IEC-60320 C9/C10, jedoch mit Schutzleiter.

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