Not a Grasshopper but …

Elizabeth emailed me this morning and very kindly drew my attention to a wonderful ad posted by a Goodwill shop.  I often think it’s a real shame that we don’t have Goodwill, or indeed Craigslist, in the UK – particularly when I see adverts like this one.

It’s for an “Elna Brand Sewing Machine in Original Box” and it’s in Indianapolis.  It’s actually a Supermatic, and of course it’s not in its original box, it’s in its case.  Big difference!

But whatever.  “Color” is listed as “Sewing machine is mint green in color”, which is fine, but we get a feel for where this ad is headed when “Pattern” is described as “Sewing machine is mainly solid in pattern”.

“Condition” is the familiar “Sewing machine plugs in, light comes on and wheel turns”, which on Ebay at least often indicates a non-runner in much the same way as “needs plug” or “we don’t have the foot pedal” does.

But it’s the “Notes” which I’m in awe of …

“This particular sewing machine has a very strange device for making the machine work.  You have to stick a long chrome-colored l-shaped device into a slot on the front of the machine and then move the rod in order to activate the machine.  We think that this is maybe for people who don’t have legs or feet.”

Isn’t that wonderful?


5 thoughts on “Not a Grasshopper but …

  1. I actually won this auction last night. The hilarious description of the knee-lever pretty much pushed me over the edge. Glad I’m not the only one to get amusement out of it!

    I really hope it’s not yet another boat anchor for my collection…my luck with Goodwill machines isn’t very good…

      • Well I have yet to oil her or clean her but I picked her up from Goodwill today and plugged her in for a few minutes of stitching and have to say that I already adore this little machine. I’m a bit scared that her motor might have a problem (she seems “slow”) but very dirty and no burning smells, so I think I’ll clean her up before deciding if she’s another boat anchor or not. Time to do a lot more research!

  2. I was wondering how powerful these machines are. Obviously they aren’t industrial strength, but could I work with denim or canvas with these beautiful machines?

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