The contents of the Grasshopper Accessory Box

As far as I’m aware, the accessories contained in the box supplied with the the Elna Grasshopper were as follows …

503707 Darning Plate

503773 Standard Presser Foot

503866 Hemmer Foot (earlier machines) or 503884 Hemmer Foot 4mm (later machines)

503854 Hinged Presser Foot

503852 Darning Foot

503251 Speed Reducer

503704 Small Screwdriver

503876 or 503673 Large Screwdriver

503742 Brush

503770 Right-angled Screwdriver (up to machine s/n 145600)

503893 Oil can

503882 Kerosene Bottle (earlier machines) or 503898 Kerosene can (later machines)

Also in the Accessory Box was the elusive Tray, which is part number 503847.

As time allows, I’ll try to photograph most if not all of these.


3 thoughts on “The contents of the Grasshopper Accessory Box

    • I didn’t list those feet with the guide which are shown on the French site for the simple reason that although they’re found with some machines, they’re not listed in my Elna parts list as being one of the standard contents of the Accessory Box.

      I’m therefore inclined to think that they were an optional extra – at least until somebody convinces me otherwise!

  1. Thanks for the help!

    I got myself 2 Grasshoppers in the meantime. The 1947 one has nearly all accessories, the manual and even the warranty, but the case is missing. The machine still needs some work (mostly cleaning and regreasing). My 1949 one is in perfect shape, with some cute extras like a practical Elna needle case and a large bobbin stand.

    I had the luck to get them both awfully cheap from the first owner(‘s grandchildren). 🙂

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